Business Aviation

At Bautzen airport, the number of business flights is constantly growing since the year 2012. Many companies – regional companies as well – know about the tremendous advantages for themselves:


+ individual travel schedule

+ individual travel destinations

+ easy passenger handling

+ no wasted waiting time

+ always first class

+ more time for the meeting

+ no traffic jams

+ no vehicle expenses

+ no hotel expenses

+ back in home in the evening

+ fit in the office on the next day


Following cities can be reached within approximately one flight hours from Bautzen airport:

Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Bratislava, Vienna, Linz and Salzburg. Following

cities can be reached within approximately two flight hours from Bautzen airport:

Stockholm, Kaliningrad, Brest, Lviv, Belgrad, Zagreb, Bologna, Monaco, Paris, London and Kristiansand











Business jet for up to 5 passengers:

Aircraft type: Cessna Citation 525A

Cruise speed: approx. 418 knots

Range: 1700 NM

Cruising altitude: max. 41000ft

Price each hour: approx. 1400 Euro

Price each seat: approx. 280 Euro/hour

Landing fees: approx. 200 Euro




Aircraft up to 15 passengers:

Aircraft type: Dassault Falcon 900

Cruise speed: approx. 550 knots (Mach 0,84)

Range: max. 3900 NM

Service ceiling: max. 51000 ft

Price each hour: approx. 4-6T Euro

Price each seat: approx. 266-400 Euro/hour

Landing fees: approx. 900 Euro




You can also charter your personal private jet to Bautzen airport for VIP-flights and private traveling.

Your are interested? You always wanted to test it? Send us an e-mail.

We will provide worldwide individual contacts to business charter operators.