Information for Pilots

Attention! Effective NOTAMs for EDAB Bautzen airport.

Hours of operation (local time): Summer: 01. April – 30. September

  • Monday – Friday: 09:30 – 20:00 CEST
  • Saturday, Sunday, Holiday: 10:00 – 20:00 CEST

Winter: 01. Oktober – 31. März

  • Monday – Friday: 09:30 – 16:00 CET
  • Saturday, Sunday, Holiday: PPR

The airport can be used at all other times day and night with our prior permission (PPR). For commercial operators we are able to clean the runway from snow. Aerodrome data:

  • Runway (concrete): 07/25 – 2200m x 50m – PCN 44 (R/B/W/T)
  • Runway (gras): 07/25 – 1000m x 40m – 5700 kg MPW
  • Aerodrome lighting: concrete runway edges, approach runway 07 and runway 25, taxiway A and taxiway C, thresholds, apron
  • Instrument approach: RWY 07 & 25, OCH 410 ft LNAV / VNAV / LPV EGNOS based
  • Our pricelist can be found here. The text part (german) can be found here.
  • Effective AIP information can be found here. (free, registration necessary)

Approved for: aircraft up to 14t maximum takeoff wight, more than 14t takeoff weight until ACN44 PPR:

  • Aircraft more than 14t takeoff weight including RFF cat 4 (on request, 5 hrs. prior arrival)
  • Aircraft require RFF cat 5 (on request, 24 hrs. prior arrival)
  • Aircraft require RFF cat 6 on seperate agreement and planning

The airport is operated for general aviation, air cargo transport, business aviation, police and air rescue service. Scheduled airline services and tourist charter flights can not be handled on this airport.   Technical infrastructure for aircraft handling:

  • fuel station AVGAS 100LL – gravity refuelling – fuel pistol – no tax exempt
  • fuel station JET A-1 – gravity refuelling – adapter and different pistols – tax exempt
  • rescue and fire fight equipment up to RFF cat 5 permanent available.
  • de-icing cart with 200 liter fluid, sufficient for medium sized business jets
  • ground power unit 28 VDC (on prior handling request)
  • heavy duty forklift for pallets and air cargo
  • pilot and crew room with WIFI

Customs and immigration:

  • customs handling will be provided on written application (24h prior arrival)
  • passport control and immigration can be provided in urgent situations such as transplantation flights or urgent air cargo for the industrie. This is a new rule since 2015. For immigration and passport control, international airports must be used as border crossing point.
  • the application form for customs clearance can be found here.
  • the application form for immigration (passport control) can be found here.
  • passport control is not necessary if you arrive/depart from a schengen state.
  • customs clearance is not necessary if you arrive/depart from a european customs union state.

Hotels in Bautzen:

PPR & emergency phone numbers We advice you to use this numbers only for urgent issues and emergencys outside operational hours (PPR for urgent air cargo, transplantation flights or approaching our airport as an alternate):

  • +49 160 93718807
  • +49 171 7522894
  • +49 172 8079746